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I ate potatoes for a year. So you don't have to.

Welcome to the home of the original potato diet – and our brand new transformation roadmaps and programs.

Our approach is a groundbreaking blend of philosophy, psychology and nutrition. It’s a comprehensive approach to sustainable behaviour change and weight loss that my initial self-experiment, the Spud Fit Challenge, has become.

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Take the FREE 1 Day Challenge!

Just one single day can kickstart sustainable good health forever. Get started today.


I know why you can't stop giving in to cravings

Hi, I’m Andrew

By 2015, I was an expert, A-grade, Olympic-level dieter – and the heaviest and saddest I’d ever been.

The problem wasn’t lack of knowledge. I knew that reaching for the cookie jar after a stressful day was making me fat. It was that I just didn’t know how to stop doing it.

But I do now.

I finally found peace with food when I took matters into my own hands. I’ve now helped thousands of others overcome cravings and emotional eating, stick to healthy eating, and get their life back. Our approach is:

  • Simple.
  • Satisfying.
  • Nutritious.
  • Cheap.

“I think a miracle has occurred. My cravings are gone. I’m absolutely satiated and my focus has shifted off of food to other stuff in my life. Plus I have lost 12 lbs. Andrew = Genius! This has never happened to me before.”
Rosalyn | January 2021 Spud Fit Challenge

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If you've already tried every diet, you are not the problem

Hunger is miserable. Willpower is unreliable and finite. Weighing, tracking, measuring is exhausting and doesn’t work long-term for many reasons. You deserve better than what the food and diet industries have given you. We give you a new approach and all the help you need to be able to stick to a healthy plan. Calmly, consistently and automatically.

Our mission: to make eating a healthy eating a core part of who you are - instead of just something you're trying to do

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