How to Parent your Inner Child

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | January 22, 2018


A small child is kicking and screaming on the floor of the shopping centre, desperate for their favourite chocolate bar. A kind, caring parent is patient with the child and explains that they can’t have the chocolate because it’s very bad for them and also because they will not be rewarding that behaviour. The child replies that they promise they’ll be really good all the time if they can just have the chocolate. The kind, caring parent knows that if they give in and buy the chocolate, then child will most likely be well behaved for a while but the next time they want a chocolate bar they’ll remember this moment. If they buy the chocolate then the kicking and screaming will be back bigger and better next time. The parent knows that the right thing to do for their child is not to give them what they want (chocolate) but to give them what they need (help with changing their behaviour).


We are our own parents now and our inner child sometimes wants nothing more than to eat junk food. What is the kind, loving, caring way to deal with these wants?


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