Tim Kaufman – Fat Man Rants.

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | February 26, 2018


Tim Kaufman was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) in his early twenties.  He was in chronic pain most of his life. By the time he had reached the age of 37 he was addicted to Fentynal, alcohol, and fast food. At over 400 pounds he was unable to perform simple daily tasks. He had many chronic health issues and was almost immobile. He had lost his interest in life and had almost given up. Tim started a journey to regain his health. He started to change one small thing at a time. He is now an athlete that thrives on a plant-based whole food lifestyle and leads a healthy, happy, productive, and very active life that is free of all the medications he was once on. His passion is to spread the message that anyone can transition to a healthy, active lifestyle and dramatically change their life regardless of their current situation or size.


I’ve been a huge fan of Tim and his Fat Man Rants website for a long time now. I love his message, I love his keep-it-simple approach and I can’t help but be inspired and moved by the way he just keeps on doing things that he was told he could never do. Such an incredible human being.


I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!


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