A groundbreaking self-experiment

I ate only potatoes for an entire year

So you don’t have to

January 1st 2016. Day 1/366. Rock bottom. When I filmed this video I’d been battling with food for two decades. I was in the worst physical shape of my life.

But even worse was my mental health. I was clinically anxious and depressed. Sad, lost and exhausted after decades of trying and failing to stick to a healthy eating plan. Sick of wondering how I could be smart and successful in other parts of my life, but so unable to control my behaviour around food.

It was never about potatoes

Hi, I’m Andrew

The video above kicked off a global media frenzy that lasted the entire year. I was interviewed on The Doctors TV, by the BBC, major newspapers and magazines, breakfast TV and radio, the evening news – they even made a joke about me on Saturday Night Live!

Of course the initial assumption was that I was some idiot Aussie bloke looking for his 15 minutes of fame. But this was an experiment with a carefully constructed hypothesis based on a thorough study of the available scientific literature. My potato challenge wasn’t without precedent. It was just the first time it had been done for the reasons I was doing it. Because of this, I was able to change the direction of the interviews, to provide a different angle.

And the angle was compelling. Thousands of people identified with my distress that so much of my life, so much of my mental space, seemed to revolve around what went in my mouth: what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat.

They understood the misery of wondering how long it would be until I messed up this time. Of trying to figure out how I could be such a failure at doing something as supposedly simple as ‘eating healthy’.

They understood desperately needing a time out from it all; a break from having to make decisions or think about food.

That’s what this was. Potatoes were never the point. They were just the perfect vehicle.



The Scoop

Today is day 70!!! I can’t believe that I have been eating only potatoes since January 1st. I feel amazing! No cravings, no bingeing and a calm brain. This is the BEST way to deal with food addiction and this is the BEST group with BEST leadership…thank you Andrew Spud Fit Taylor and Mandy Van Zanen !!

Chris Prevost

Spud Fit Challenge 2020

I lost 17 pounds and am feeling great. I’m walking past my old triggers at the grocery store and don’t feel a pull toward them at all. My cravings are gone and I really want this feeling to continue.

I realised it had never been my fault

My experiment was wildly successful. I lost 55kg (121 lbs). I felt amazing and all of my medical results confirmed that my health had improved dramatically. But far more importantly for me, by the end of that year I had fundamentally shifted my relationship with food. It no longer dominated my life. I had replaced the endless internal debate with consistent healthy eating on autopilot.

This was life-changing of course. But it made me realise that I had suffered so unnecessarily for so long. Finding so much success by going my own way illuminated what had gone wrong with every other diet I’d ever tried. It was never my fault I couldn’t stick to a healthy eating plan – and it’s not yours either.

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