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Spud Fit ALL-IN Membership



The Spud Fit ALL-IN Membership is as it sounds: if you are ready for change, if you mean business and you want ALL-IN on peak physical health and a calm, harmonious relationship with food for life, our comprehensive Spud Fit ALL-IN Membership is for you.


Spud Fit ALL-IN is for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are finally ready to dive in deep, commit, and create real change that sticks. 


Membership includes access to ALL of our existing courses including our core, ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT transformational programs The Original Spud Fit Challenge and the brand new, follow-on Mega Foods Plan and their associated tools and support groups, as well as our continually evolving members-only content covering nutrition, food psychology, cooking, fitness, mindfulness, whole foods plant based parenting and more.


We have created an online retreat from the food hysteria, a hub of learning about food addiction psychology, human biology, nutrition and YOURSELF. This is a space full of caring, supportive people who face the same challenges as you and who also seek total physical and mental transformation in their relationship with food.


This is our one-stop shop to help you smash through perceived barriers and find new reserves of energy and vibrancy that you didn’t know were even possible.


You get:

  • Our flagship program for a total physical and psychological food addiction reset, The Spud Fit Challenge online course. Transform your relationship with food and the physical results will follow. ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. READ MORE
  • Access to our dedicated, potatoes-only closed Facebook support group, ‘The Spud Fit Challenge’. Get round-the-clock support, advice and encouragement from Andrew, his wife Mandy and your fellow community members who are also taking their own Spud Fit Challenge.


  • ***BRAND NEW FOR 2020*** The long-awaited follow-on from the Spud Fit Challenge,  The Mega Foods Plan online course - for sustained, natural weight and health management with REAL FOOD, for you and your family, for all stages of life. ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. Read More
  • Access to the brand new Mega Foods Plan closed Facebook group - the hub of everything else Spud Fit.




  • Spud Fit Cooking online course (coming March 2020) - to show you how cheap, simple and delicious great nutrition and easy weight management should really be.
  • Spud Fit-ness online course (coming April 2020), to cultivate a love of movement and incorporate it seamlessly into your life.




  • Access to hours of BONUS content - live Q&A sessions over four years of The Spud Fit Challenge, guest interviews and much more.
  • Continuously evolving new content including mini-courses, expert lectures, tools and tips to keep you inspired, informed and on track.
  • Access to our brand new hub for everything Spud Fit - the Spud Fit ALL-IN members-only Facebook community group.


Membership is by monthly or yearly subscription. There are NO CONTRACTS - you can come and go as you need us!



















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