Announcing the Advanced DIY Spud Fit Program!

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | February 19, 2018


The culmination of my entire Spud Fit Academy experience is the Advanced DIY Program, which I’m absolutely ecstatic to launch publicly today! Over the course of a year of eating only potatoes, I got over clinical depression and anxiety, drastically improved my physical health, changed my relationship with food and lost 55kg (121 lbs). But contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t about potatoes! The Spud Fit Academy was a vehicle that allowed me the time and space to do the internal work that was so important in making a true and lasting change in my health and psychology.


Everything I’ve experienced, the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained and tools, techniques and skills I’ve developed are all now available in one place. In fact in many ways this feels like a culmination of my life to this point in time. After many years as a teacher working with troubled and disadvantaged youth I’ve been able to apply the knowledge and skills developed in education to this program.


The Advanced DIY Program is a digital education program of 25 seperate lessons, spread over 6 Parts. It includes exercises and activities to help take your understanding to another level.


Part One: Understanding The Problem And Looking To The Future

Part Two: Preparing For Change

Part Three: The Journey Begins

Part Four: Mind Matters

Part Five: Breaking Barriers

Part Six: Welcome To Your New Life


I’m extremely proud of how it’s turned out and for the last couple of weeks since we quietly launched it to members only. The Advanced DIY Program is already helping members to gain a deeper, more thorough understanding of the nutritional and psychological theories behind good health and how this relates to their own personal situation.


Weight loss is a great thing and the Spud Fit Academy has consistently proven time and time again that potatoes can facilitate rapid changes is weight and physical health outcomes. Unfortunately weight loss is often only a temporary thing, unless we also do the internal work required to deal with the underlying reasons for the weight gain, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The Advanced DIY Program is specifically designed to encourage engagement and deep thought, that allows participants to get to the crux of their problem and develop tailored plans for their own behaviour change.


The Advanced DIY Spud Fit Program is what I was looking for myself when I first started my life changing journey. In the end I had to go it alone because something like this didn’t exist, I’m glad to say that you don’t have to!


If you’re a member of the Spud Fit Academy community, you get access to it for free for as long as you’re a member. You can also do it as a stand alone program, which gives you access to it for as long as it exists (for ever if I can help it!).


Spud up!


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