The DIY Mega Foods Plan – OUT NOW!

Eat simply. Live fully.


You don’t need an advanced degree in nutrition science, a second job, an eighth day in your week or to be a Michelin star chef to enjoy long term abundant health.

Losing weight is easy! First you have to master the ’12 types of hunger’. Then you have to track down 23 new super foods, each one more exotic than the last and all sold at different farmers markets on alternate Sundays all over the city. Next you have to learn six new cooking techniques along with the appropriate French pronunciations. Easy peasy!

I’m sick to death of the idea that abundant health is inaccessible to anyone, for any reason. The Mega Foods Plan is your antidote to the chaos and mixed messaging of the modern wellness industry. This simple guide will show you just how easy, quick, cheap and painless it really can be to get nutritious, yummy food in your belly. So that you can get on with living life. Quit overthinking, over planning, over spending, over complicating and leave the overwhelm behind. Learn how to take your focus off food – and keep it that way.

Eat simply. Live fully.