Comfort Zones Kill

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | May 24, 2018

Change is hard. Comfort zones are comfortable. Change is hard because comfort zones are comfortable. We all have our habits and idiosyncrasies, our preferences for how things should be.

Throughout nearly all of human evolution it was a real day to day struggle just to survive. Survival of the fittest wasn’t just a theory, it was the reality of life. Every single day we had to put in huge effort just to find food and water, while keeping ourselves and our loved ones away from danger. Whoever could find the easiest, safest, quickest, most comfortable way to get through the day was more likely to make it through to the next one. Who ever could get the most food for the least effort was at a huge advantage.

The constant struggle for survival has resulted in the search for comfort being hard wired in the human psyche. We naturally crave comfort and ease and once we find it we don’t want to let it go!  The world we evolved in has flipped on it’s head and now evolution is playing catch up. The comfort zone doesn’t serve us the way it used to, in fact for many of us it’s not even comfortable!

This constant drive to make everything as easy as possible while getting maximum calories for minimum effort has helped us to become the dominant animal on the planet but it’s now coming back to bite us. We don’t like change because it is hard, we are happy in our comfort zone… or are we?

I received an email the other day from someone who said they’d like to do the Spud Fit Academy but for various reasons it is just too hard. I replied that the hardest thing of all is to live with a body and mind that don’t allow you to get what you want out of life. This person was worried about the effort required to take such a big step out of her comfort zone, without actually considering how comfortable her comfort zone actually was. For many of us, our comfort zones will kill us if we let them.

We need to shift our comfort zones to something completely different and in my opinion the best way to do that is with extreme action. The word ‘extreme’ conjures images of sky diving in wing suits, surfing enormous waves and climbing huge cliffs without a rope – dangerous activities that are just way to risky for most of us to even contemplate. Give these extreme things a try and they’ll most certainly shift your comfort zone and change the way you see the world, if you survive!

The beauty of the Spud Fit Academy is that it’s extreme while also being totally healthy and safe, so you can take extreme action without the risk. My wife would say getting up at 5am every day is extreme too, but making the commitment to do it for a month doesn’t involve any real risk and it will certainly shift my comfort zone and change the way I experience life. Public speaking and speed dating are considered extreme by many but don’t have any significant risk associated with them.

Is your comfort zone comfortable? What extreme action could you take?

Spud up!



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