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The most up-to-date nutrition science. Combined with the principles of gold standard addiction treatment. Delivered through best-practice education methodology.

We teach you ideas, strategies, techniques and philosophies that you won’t hear anywhere else. More importantly, we make it easy to understand and simple to put into action. So that you can immediately start making progress. Our courses are mind-bending, paradigm-shattering, myth-busting exercises in self exploration, growth and lasting habit change.

Objects in the mirror may be larger than they appear

Life is noise. Life is chaos. Life is choices, endless choices. Quiet the noise, calm the chaos with the Mega Foods Plan. Understand just how incredibly simple it can be to achieve and maintain peak health, for life.

In case of emergency, break glass

What do you try when you’ve already tried everything? The Spud Fit Challenge is a course correction like no other. Radically alter the narrative of your own story. Lose weight, gain energy, end cravings in just 30 days. The simplest hard thing you’ll ever do.

The Vault

A collection of our members-only content - 80+ hours of live Q&As, group coaching sessions, interviews, guest lectures and tips and tricks - from the very beginning of Spud Fit. Rewrite your own story as you watch Spud Fit's unfold.

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Why Choose Spudfit?

Ideas, strategies, techniques and philosophies that you won't hear anywhere else.


The culmination of my own challenges, experiences and discoveries as a recovering food addict, Spud Fit courses are mind-bending, paradigm-shifting, myth-busting exercises in self-exploration, growth and lasting habit change.


Leading nutrition research and evidence-based addiction science, made easy to understand and even easier to put into action.


Teaching isn't just passing on information. It's understanding how people learn and creating effective learning materials to turn knowledge into action. So that you are empowered to make dramatic, lasting change.