Just a little bit won’t hurt, just this once.

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | April 22, 2019

“Just a little bit won’t hurt, just this once. I’ll go back to my good habits tomorrow” – said every addict ever.

Anyone who has used this line to justify their own bad behaviour already knows that it’s the top of a very steep and slippery slope. The challenge is in having the awareness to observe our thoughts and notice when this line comes up. The challenge is in recognising this deluded pattern of thought and replacing it with the cold, hard reality of what is likely to happen next.

If we can learn to do this effectively then emotion will be removed from our decision making and the need for willpower will be gone.

The truth is that – “Just a little bit won’t hurt, just this once” – might be the most hurtful thing you ever tell yourself.

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