Operation Pearly Whites

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | June 14, 2019


Last week I wrote about telling bad jokes as a way to make your life interesting. You may like to read that one for some context.

When you’re out of ideas for making yourself happy I find it really helps to try to make others happy instead, making someone else feel good really does rub off! My friend Leisa and I started a game at work that was great fun and entirely focused on making others smile. We kept it a total secret between us and we checked in with each other regularly with score updates, also to share tips and tactics, successes and failures.

The game was called Operation Pearly Whites. The objective was to make as many people smile as we possible could, using only our own smiles. Smiles achieved through telling jokes or dancing or any other kind of body language could not be added to our score. So basically we just had to smile at people and see if they smiled back at us. We tried all different kinds of smiles and all different kinds of situations with varying success. Closed lip smiles, big toothy grins and wide mouthed expressions of pure joy, if our target returned the favour by showing us their pearly whites then we scored a point!

It certainly helped to improve the moods of others even if only for a second or two. I’m sure at least a few people thought we were losing it, when we were smiling at them for no reason but nobody complained! Best of all it turned out to be great fun for us!

I hereby declare Operation Pearly Whites to be in effect, starting now! Let me know if you score.

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