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Anyone can write you a meal plan

If you're an experienced dieter, you already know what you should be eating. You just can't stop eating other things.

You're feeling good. You've stuck to your latest healthy meal plan for a few days!

Then a neighbour pops in for a heart-to-heart with a box of doughnuts. Game over.

You leave home with a healthy work lunch packed.

But by the time lunchtime rolls around you've had a stressful morning. So when a colleague says "Hey let's go out for lunch!", you think "I deserve it!".

You try to keep your environment clean. But your colleague still has a jar of chocolates on her desk, your kids still sit down to movie night with huge bowls of popcorn, your husband still wants his ice-cream for dessert and you can't avoid driving past your favourite bakery on the way to pick up the dry-cleaning.

You can white-knuckle it for a while, but eventually you cave in. And then you beat yourself up about it. So then you cave in some more.

The world's best healthy meal plan won't help you with any of this.

This is where I come in.

I know how it feels to not look the part

I was an elite marathon kayaker who, despite training 4+ hours a day, was always 5-10kg overweight.

Then I was a high school PE and Health Education teacher who was slowly but surely turning into an obese middle-aged man.

I knew I could help a lot of people as a personal trainer, but I was too embarrassed to try because I didn't embody health and fitness like a personal trainer should.

Drive, desperation and hard work aren't enough

It didn't make sense to me that I couldn't maintain weight loss because I was SO driven, SO willing to work hard and SO desperate to make a change.

Then I realised that no amount of willpower, intelligence or ambition is enough.

Some of us struggle more with cravings than others. There are clear biological and psychological reasons for this.  But our environment is not going to change anytime soon. Therefore we need to find a way to work with the situation as it is.

Spud Fit is a simple, clear system that relies less on determination and more on logical and rational changes in the way we relate to food in our life.

Coaching with me gives you the best chance to address your own individual situations and challenges. It arms you with the ability to recognise potential roadblocks and temptations before they arise. So that instead of feeling powerless and out of control when cravings inevitably appear, you know exactly what to do. And you do it.

Changing the way we eat starts with changing the way we think.

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The Spud Fit Reality Plan

When you can fully see and accept reality for what it is, then you can start making logical decisions based on that reality. The key to success is learning to see through the stories we tell ourselves about why "just this little bit, just this once", or "I deserve it" won't hurt. This is how I help you get there:

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Where have you come from?

We dive into your dieting history to understand the circumstances and thought processes that have led to your downfall in the past. Then we come up with a new thought plan to change the way you think and act around food going forward.

Uniquely personalised

We create an all-you-can-eat meal plan that fits in with your daily life and specific environmental situations. It *might* include a potato or two (but not exclusively!).

I'm in your corner

We continue to tweak your thought and meal plans as you make progress, through a weekly one-on-one phone call and 24/7 text messaging.

The Scoop

Andrew has been my coach for almost a year now. I had never been successful on any diet, or food plan, that I've tried in the past. Rigorous honesty, no shaming, and it worked! I am truly shocked at how I have finally been been able to do this! I'm forever grateful!

Joe Jacob

Personal Coaching client

Use everything else you're good at to be good at this too

Your problems with food don't come from lack of efforts or smarts.
You just haven't had the tools you've needed until now.
I am a fresh set of eyes that will allow you to see your challenges from a new angle. So that you can take issues with food out of the equation and free up space in your life to focus on what really matters.

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