PODCAST Anna Chisolm on personal evolution and finding work you love.

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | February 16, 2017

I first met Anna last year when she invited me to appear on her podcast. It was the first podcast I’d appeared on and I really enjoyed the chance to have a long conversation where I could explain myself fully, rather than the 3 minute news grabs I’d done up to that point in time. Since that first conversation I’ve become really interested in doing more podcasts and in the end I decided to start my own , I have Anna to thanks for planting that seed in me.

Anna is much more than a podcast host. She’s a former social worker who has evolved into a health coach. She recognises that good health goes far beyond the plate, it’s about a wholistic approach to lifestyle and behaviour change.

In this podcast we covered a lot of ground. We talked about her evolution from a standard Australian diet to vegan and on to whole food plant based. We talked about her evolution from social work in hospitals to taking the risk and stepping outside her comfort zone to change careers and start her own business as a health coach.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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Stuff we talked about:



Thanks to my wife Mandy van Zanen for the theme music.

Anna was in town for The Nutrition in Health Care Symposium, run by Raw Events Australia


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