PODCAST Kevin D. Hall Ph.D. on carbs vs fats and the science of metabolism

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | March 27, 2017

Today I get to put my geek hat on and get down with one of the world’s leading nutrition scientists.


This is the second in a series of podcasts I managed to record while on a recent trip to the U.S. for Dr John McDougall’s advanced study weekend. Kevin Hall was a fellow speaker and I was totally fascinated by his presentation on the studies he’s been working on over his varied career.


Kevin’s laboratory investigates how metabolism and the brain adapt in response to a variety of interventions to diet and physical actvity. They perform experiments in both humans and rodents to better understand the complex mechanisms regulating macronutrient metabolism, body composition, and energy expenditure. A unique aspect of their laboratory involves the development of mathematical models to quantitatively describe, explain, integrate, and predict their experimental results.


As always I feel so grateful and lucky to be have been able to sit down with Kevin. I learned so much from this conversation and I hope you do too. Get your thinking hats on and your notebooks out for this one!


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Thanks to my wife Mandy van Zanen for the theme music.  


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