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The Spud Fit Retreat Melbourne is the ultimate kickstart on your journey to losing weight, reclaiming your health and becoming the person you were meant to be.

Share a life-changing week of learning and introspection in a fully supported environment with a small, intimate group of like-minded people.

What is The Spud Fit Retreat?

The Spud Fit Retreat is a week of deep immersion in treating food addiction and improving health. This is the ultimate, live-in Spud Fit Challenge, to give your new life the kickstart it needs. Potatoes serve as the vehicle that allows us to journey inside ourselves and do the internal work that needs to be done.
The focus this week will be on learning how our addictions work and how to deal with all aspects of living a healthy life and making lasting change with a small group of supportive people who want to change their relationship with food, lose weight and get healthy.

Have you ever wondered why you can stick to a healthy eating plan for a short time and lose weight, only to put it back on again plus more? The Spud Fit Challenge is designed to help you identify and understand the root cause of your health and weight problems and give you a toolkit to help make the psychological changes required for long term success. Stop dealing with symptoms and start dealing with the real problem.

This retreat is run by Andrew Taylor, who has already helped thousands of food addicts discover how they can free themselves from the burden of addiction and achieve lasting weight loss and health. Now, you can be one of them!

Who is Andrew Taylor?

Formerly clinically depressed, anxious and morbidly obese, in his darkest moment Andrew discovered The Spud Fit Challenge as a way to help change his relationship with food by dealing with the root cause of his problem – food addiction. This helped him to overcome his depression and anxiety, on top of losing a massive 55kg (121lbs) in just one year.

Andrew Taylor is:
– a ground-breaking health advocate
– a secondary school teacher of 15 years (physical education/health and at-risk youth specialist)
– the holder of a bachelor degree in Applied Science (Human Movement)
– Starch Solution Certificate certified
– an international public speaker
– someone who thought outside the square to save himself when the experts couldn’t help

Andrew has successfully transitioned from a depressed, morbidly obese man with no hope to someone who has broken free from the shackles of food addiction, lost 55kg (121lbs) in the space of a year and changed his relationship with food to ensure he never goes back.

How you can benefit from The Spud Fit Retreat:

The Spud Fit Retreat will be a life changing week where you can finally take the time to do the work required to change your relationship with food. Give yourself some time away from your hectic life and busy schedule to be able to put 100% of your focus into the most important part of your life. Regain control over your relationship with food, lose weight and reclaim your health.

  • • The ultimate kick start to your new life.
  • • Develop new habits and ways of thinking about food and its role in your life in a supportive and positive environment.
  • • Within the week you can expect significant improvements in various health markers like blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin response to food.
  • • Develop the psychological tools required for long term success and freedom from food addiction.
  • • Allow your body and mind some time to heal.
  • • Gain a thorough understanding of the principles of nutrition and health to continue your journey to your new life after you leave.


What you’ll get:(everything is optional, except eating only potatoes!)

  • • A fully guided and supported, week-long Spud Fit Challenge.
  • • Complete the ultimate Spud Fit Challenge with a group of like minded people to share this life changing experience.
  • • All meals fully catered so you can focus on the job at hand.
  • • Support group talks and sharing, where you’ll gain confidence, support and helpful insights from others going through the same experience.
  • • Individual sessions with Andrew that are specific to your needs – get customised solutions to suit your current situation.
  • • Daily lectures from Andrew and special guests on food addiction, dealing with stress and healthy eating for the long term.
  • • Cooking demonstrations.
  • • Guided grocery shopping and eating out expeditions.
  • • Guided mindfulness and meditation sessions.
  • • Yoga and fitness sessions (suitable for all levels) with the wonderful Anna Martin.
  • • The chance to develop lifelong friendships with people who know how you feel.


What makes the Spud Fit Retreat different from other health retreats?

Other programs focus solely on losing weight and getting fit – making the numbers move – without ever dealing with the reasons for those numbers getting out of control in the first place. They deal with symptoms without ever addressing the root cause of the problem. Andrew designed the Spud Fit Challenge specifically to deal with his underlying issues with food addiction. He has taken the focus away from the number on the scales and placed it squarely on our behaviour. When we get our psychology and behaviour right, the numbers take care of themselves. When you fix a symptom without fixing the cause, the weight will always come back. The Spud Fit Challenge is all about fixing the cause.

With the The Spud Fit Challenge, the journey continues long past your initial program. To create lasting health and vitality we need to develop real lasting habits. That is how Andrew has been able to maintain his changed relationship with food. The key is in developing the lasting habits.

So how do we create lasting habits?

We need to develop the knowledge, tools and techniques that, when used consistently, create the optimum internal environment for success.

On the The Spud Fit Retreat, Andrew will personally coach you on how to implement these tools and techniques. So no matter where you’re at – whether you constantly yo-yo and want to stop that negative cycle, if you’re tired of thinking about the state of your health and how to improve it, if you’ve had enough of the constant internal dialogue about what, when and how much to eat, if it’s time for you to stop burying your emotions under food – then attending The Spud Fit Retreat is definitely the best decision you can make right now to take control of your relationship with food!

Sample Day:

All activities are optional – you can do as much or as little as you feel. We will be very flexible so times may vary a little. Not every day will be the same, we have some different activities planned:
7:30am – yoga
8:15am – morning catch up and short meditation on mindful eating
8:30am – breakfast
10:00am – food psychology talk from Andrew and group chat.
11:30am – free time
12:30pm – mindful eating meditation and lunch
1:00pm – group walk and guided grocery shopping/Melbourne bus tour
3:00pm – health talk from Andrew/guest speaker
5:00pm – group fitness training (all levels catered for)
6:30pm – mindful eating meditation and home cooked dinner/restaurant dinner
7:30pm – group support chat followed by a lecture or a movie

Yes, I want to learn how to change my relationship with food and develop real lasting habits to lose weight, gain energy and reclaim my health. I want to take some time out for myself to focus on making changes and kick start my journey to a new me.

Be part of the first ever Spud Fit Retreat where we will break new ground in the health and wellness space, together!