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Group Mentoring is the soul of what we do here at Spud Fit. My mission is to help as many people as possible to transform themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through totally changing their relationship with food. Group Mentoring is designed for those who are truly committed to change, and who seek fast, sustainable results in a group learning environment. Also, a perfect next step if you've been through the online Academy. Send through an enquiry and we can arrange a no obligation phone consultation before signing up.

How you can benefit from joining this community:

  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better in more ways than you can imagine through acquiring the knowledge, tools and techniques of the Spud Fit Academy.
  • STOP OBSESSING over counting, tracking, measuring or weighing anything: learn to focus on the process – the results will follow.
  • MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS without turning to food.
  • DEAL WITH CRAVINGS effectively and decisively by learning how to silence the internal debate over food choices.
  • LOSE WEIGHT: it is common for people on the Spud Fit Academy to lose large amounts of weight, quickly.
  • GAIN ENERGY: feeding your body with high quality, clean fuel will have you feeling young and vibrant again.
  • GET HEALTHY: countless people have cured themselves of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis as well as many other issues while doing a Spud Fit Academy.
  • GAIN MENTAL CLARITY by freeing up valuable brain space and time to focus on more important things in life than every morsel that enters your mouth.
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE: with improvements in health and energy, as well as a new relationship with food comes confidence and willingness to step outside the comfort zone. This has the potential to change your life in more ways than you can imagine.
  • SLASH YOUR FOOD BILL AND MEDICAL COSTS: the cost of the membership will be more than offset by the money you save by taking the Spud Fit Academy.
  • Experience SIMPLE, EASY and FAST food preparation.
  • GAIN a greater understanding of your own personal relationship with food and how it affects your life.
  • GAIN a greater understanding of the principles of healthy eating and living, and of how food affects all aspects of health.
  • BE A PART of a groundbreaking new approach to weight loss that has already worked for thousands of people, within a supportive community of like minds who understand where you’re coming from.

What you’ll get:

  • PLACED IN A FUN AND INVITING GROUP OF SPUDDIES. Group support is a proven formula time and time again.  Whether it be AA, or just good ol' support from friends and family, it takes a village to create true change and results.  Our groups are supportive, confidential, and inviting.  You will take part in monthly Mentoring sessions online, and also work with an accountability on an ongoing basis!
  • ONGOING SUPPORT AND COACHING. Let's be clear, the purpose of our mentoring offering is to create transformational results in your personal life.  You will be coached through a goal setting session, and planning to achieve your wildest dream results.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to The Spud Fit Community Members’ Forum which includes many hours of video lectures and other resources, Q&A sessions with Andrew and guests including medical doctors and other related health experts, group discussion and constant daily support.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the members’-only Facebook group where you can share your journey with others on the same path, support each other, celebrate each other’s successes and learn from each other along the way.
  • ***ONLINE LEARNING PORTAL*** for Spud Fit Academy members: instant access to the brand new (February 2018) Advanced DIY Spud Fit Program, a 25-part online education program featuring video lectures, exercises and worksheets to take your understanding of your own personal situation to the next level. – VALUED AT $500
  • $199 DISCOUNT TO JOIN OUR PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAM.  With the Group Mastermind, join a regularly webinar of like minded people who will support you, listen to you, encourage you and celebrate your successes with you.  As a next step, personal coaching is our core offering in which Andrew works with you personally for a 5 month life changing coaching program.
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