The Ultimate 'Maintain the Momentum' Coaching Bundle!

The Ultimate 'Maintain the Momentum' Coaching Bundle!


So you've completed a 7 Day potato-only challenge!  You've taken life by the spuds and you've done the hardest bit: you've taken the first step towards transforming your relationship with food, and getting lean, gaining energy and ensuring optimum health long into the future. You STAR!

But this isn't the end. Now you need to take the momentum you've generated, and run with it! 7 days is enough to get a glimpse of how the process works and of what your future might hold. But to take this from being just 'a thing that you're trying' to being a part of who you are, is going to take more.

Research suggests it takes an average of 66 days to really change a habit, to get rid of old behaviours that aren't serving you and to make new, beneficial ones automatic. At Spud Fit we are dealing not only with breaking small, sneaky bad habits that have crept in, but years - maybe even a lifetime - of deeply ingrained psychological frameworks and beliefs that you have around food.

With The Ultimate 'Maintain the Momentum' Coaching Bundle, you get:

  • 3 months of completely individual, tailored coaching. That's a one-on-one phone call every week for three months, plus unlimited text communication. Value $1500
  • Lifetime membership to Spud Fit. This includes both our flagship course, the Spud Fit Challenge, the follow-on Mega Foods Plan, The Vault (live sessions, guest lectures and Q&As from the original Spud Fit challenge of 2016), and all future courses. PLUS twice-weekly group coaching AND access to our main, wonderful community, The Spud Fit Challenge, group on Facebook. Value $199
  • Our first book, The DIY Spud Fit Challenge (digital copy), to teach you everything you need to know and show you exactly how to do it. Value $5
  • Our huge collaborative cookbook Spud Fit: a whole foods plant-based guide to eating and living (digital copy), featuring recipes from us and over 90 leaders in whole foods eating including doctors, athletes and of course chefs! Value $15

That's $1719 worth of value for only $995, including one whole month of private coaching, absolutely FREE.

Note: I keep my individual coaching numbers very small so I can provide the best possible personal attention, so numbers are very limited. Get in fast.

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