Stop Trying To Lose Weight

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | November 21, 2016

The Spud Fit Academy is not a weight loss program, it was never intended to be one. I certainly understand the desire to emulate the phenomenal amount of weight I've lost this year, but I maintain that if you do this just to lose weight it won't work.


Changes in weight, as in life, happen as a result of changes in behaviour - if nothing changes then nothing changes. If you have a weight problem then I think it naturally follows that you have a problem with the way you relate to food and the behaviours that follow on from that relationship. The way to weight loss and better health is to change the way you behave. This takes focus.


We focus so much of our time and energy on the numbers on the scale, we get obsessed with it. For true, lasting change we need to take our focus away from the numbers on the scales and move it back towards our behaviours. I like the saying "you are what you do consistently". If you consistently eat healthfully then you'll be healthy - there's no other way it can go! The opposite is also true, if you consistently eat unhealthy things then no amount of potatoes can make up for it!


Woody Allen said "ninety percent of success is just showing up" and I think that can be applied to good health too. Ninety percent of good health is just waking up each day, ready to work on it. If we wake up each day focusing on the numbers on the scale then we aren't focusing enough on the work that needs to be done, we aren't focusing on changing or improving our behaviour.


Weight loss is not a linear equation; with the right behaviours it will go down but there will be plateaux and even small gains from time to time. These fluctuations can be very frustrating if your focus is on the numbers all the time. So change your measure of success: if you get through a meal or a day without breaking your rules then call it success! Forget about the scales and move on.


You are what you do consistently, if you consistently eat well then success is unavoidable.


Spud up!


One Reply to “Stop Trying To Lose Weight”

  1. It's only my opinion but I think THIS ought to be posted on the Spud Fit Challenge FB page permanently.
    I also think there are people who join The Spud Fit Challenge because they want to lose a pile of weight FAST.
    Some people join because they like the idea of posting new recipes on FB for potatoes that they have invented
    by spending all their time in "The Challenge" in the kitchen, creating new ways to cook potatoes.
    And then, there are the REAL Spuddies that KNOW why they are in "The Challenge." They're in "The Challenge"
    because if they don't "get it right" this time, they're going to die from cramming the wrong foods into their
    mouths for reasons they don't understand. They are the people that "get" that moderation in eating is a death
    wish; they're the people who will stay in the program forever, if that's what it takes, because they've tried
    EVERYTHING else and they've run out of hope.

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