Super Spuddy – Judy Hubbard

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | June 2, 2021

Judy posted in our Facebook group recently:
Six months of potatoes have yielded a new me! I had no idea when I first found Andrew Taylor on Youtube that the spuddy lifestyle would be so life-changing! If you are new to this, or even think it sounds crazy, I challenge you to simply give it 30 days. You will be so glad you did! At first I thought 30 days would be so hard. But after six months I feel SO GOOD that I have no intention of stopping now. I feel like I was the most unlikely candidate for success but here I am! YOU CAN DO THIS!
Please watch the video above to hear more from Judy and her incredible story.
Spud up!
Announcing a big change.
We’ve changed the way our membership works. Our original Spud Fit Challenge was small monthly, recurring subscription. After lots of feedback, we decided to change it to lifetime access for a bigger one off payment. Of course that change lead to lots of people asking us to change it back! So now we have the best of both worlds available to you!
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