Four secrets to success with Super Spuddy Marty Ritz.

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | February 10, 2021

Usually I write a blog post to go with my Super Spuddy interviews but Marty recently wrote a series of posts in our Facebook group that are perfect to share with you here as well. It’s in four parts and it’s long but worth the read!

Over to you Marty!


Pst… Can I tell u a secret? #1

There are many motivational reasons for why we might pick up a different diet plan such as The Spud Fit Challenge. Some might do it for weight loss, some might do it for health, some might do it to save money and others might do it just for the simplicity of it all. All of these are great motivators, but they may not see u through to the end. The decisively deceiving thought of “Just one little bite of this/that isn’t gonna hurt…” might get u off track and left on the side of the road like a collisional car crash… (if we choose to believe it). But there’s one little reason we all know full well this little thought holds no power at all. Ex alcoholics know it. Ex smokers know it. Ex addicts of any abusive substance know it. And that is because in the world of addictive substances, there is no such thing as “Just a little won’t hurt…” The #1 reason why I am able to stick to this Potatoes Only diet is because of the all or nothing mentality which all addicts use to kick their addictive behavior. I believe the motivation to set ourselves free from the high caloric, dopamine releasing foods, far outweighs any of the previous benefits mentioned. My reason for getting rid of food addiction by sticking to the Spud Fit Challenge goes straight to the core of what it means to be alive as a free, autonomous human being. Able to live my life the way I want, how I want. The real and primary value is FREEDOM. Freedom from food, freedom from addiction. Freedom from incessant thoughts of food. Freedom from the bandage that comes from always giving in to unhealthy cravings. The Spud Fit Challenge addresses this primary issue which I feel is the #1 reason why people fail or succeed in following their other diets. Changing a diet is simple, but maintaining it can be hard… if we don’t address the mental factor. At the heart of the Spud Fit Challenge, our relationship with food is primary. And it is (in my opinion) the single best component we can apply in order to ensure we stick with a new, healthy diet plan and thereby ADAPT ALL THE OTHER BENEFITS AS A RESULT. You see, not everyone knows this. Not everyone has yet figured this out. But once you’re free to eat what u want, when u want to eat it… everything changes for you The point is this… We all have motivational factors for doing what we do. Is the motivational factor you’re banking on substantial enough to see u through? Ps: By “Diet” I’m talking about what we eat, not restriction of food

Pst… Can I tell u a secret? #2

It’s typical to think we need will power in order to give up “Yummy Foods”. We might think avoidance is the only way out. But what if I told u that there is nothing we are truly giving up… That there is nothing we are really depriving ourselves of. Would that shift your perspective? If information about what we ate genuinely shifted our desire to eat it, could it be possible that we could give it up without feeling deprived? This has been my experience. Not just with unhealthy food, but with everything in life. The more I learn about the addictive nature of dressed up, unhealthy foods (designed to entice us), the less I want to eat them. Why start an addiction I’ll need to spend the rest of my life trying to stop. Isn’t it just easier giving up the battle entirely? The sugar, color, smell and taste of some of the most addictive foods on the planet are only meant to serve as a trap. A trap to always eat more. And none of it is healthy. None of it serves the body. There is nothing inherently good within these foods. Nothing within them u need. In fact, they will slowly kill u over time. The way to freedom is to realize this in advance. To be steadfast in your resolution to have nothing to do with these addictive foods. They do not serve you. You will not benefit from eating them. We might think that they fill a hunger within, but the hunger they fill is only the addiction they themselves created which didn’t exist prior to their first consumption. They created a void u didn’t already have upon being born. And following this addiction will only lead down a path of ill health, obesity, disease and depression What’s the point? Sugar, salt, fat are designed to lead u down a road u don’t want to be on. Your health goes down. Your wealth goes down. Still sounds desirable? Nope! Big food corporation’s profits go up. Good for them. Bad for you. Guess whose marketing plan you’ve blindly bought into? Not one that has your best interest at heart Processed foods are unnatural. They are addictive. And their only outcome is a bad one if u follow their trail to the end of the road. Wake up. Be wise. The desire to eat these foods will genuinely pass when u know they are nothing but a trap u don’t want to be in. There is nothing within them u need. You were whole before you ate processed or junk food… and you’ll be whole again once u get used to giving them up (And remember… if u are simply turning away decorated poison, are u really giving anything up?)

Pst… Can I tell u a secret #3

Some of us, may require a full year’s worth of time to master a new trade. Some of us, may take decades to perfect a new skill. But some of us, will start right from the end of the lessons which others struggled to obtain. The Matrix movie shows characters downloading new skills at the drop of a hat, but oh.. if it could only be that easy for us while on the Spud Fit Challenge. Wait a second… don’t we hv a couple courses (available all the time) we can get? Videos of Andrew teaching everything he knows as a result of doing the Spud Fit Challenge for a whole year (365 days)? Well yes! I think we do, lol 😅 Isn’t it wonderful that we need not take a year’s worth of our own time to gain insights that will help us traverse the challenges we may face over a month because someone else has already done that for us? Isn’t it wonderful we can get a year’s worth of information instantly and digest all of it at our own pace and at our own convenience? I am definitely glad Andrew has made his courses available so that I for one, hv been able to learn from his experience. What took him trial and error to discover I can implement on a path that’s already been cleared before me What’s the point? If u want to hv an easier time doing the Spud Fit Challenge and implementing a healthy diet thereafter, then I definitely recommend u take a look into his video courses. I personally hv found them to be tremendously helpful. Its not the situations that hold us back from succeeding, it’s our mindset. Its not the challenges in our way that hold us back, it’s the mindset. We hv an opportunity to watch videos and (basically) download the mindset of Andrew Spud Fit Taylor… right into our brains. What could be better than that, lol. If u want to follow in the tracks of the best, get the mindset of the one who has already led the way 😃

Pst… Can I tell u a secret? #4

It has to do with what really keeps us over weight, sick and unhealthy. Some might think it’s a lack of exercise… it’s not. Some might think its a lack of will power to only eat X amount of calories… it’s not. If u want to know the truth, if u wanna know what it’s really all about… then read my short little story below. This is just a quick recap of my personal experience for weight loss I use to be fit and play sports and hv physically demanding jobs most of my life, so I naturally assumed a fit lifestyle that focused mostly on exercise would keep me fit no matter what. But I was wrong. That was not the case… I was starting to get a little heavier throughout the years. I was eating fast food and other high caloric meals. Then after about age 40 the weight really started to pile on. I could no longer outrun my bad diet I continued to eat less and exercise more but no matter what I did I would still continue to pack on extra weight year after year. It was an exercise in futility I continued to eat my unhealthy diet. I mean… what else could I do? I was sick, unhealthy and overweight. I needed fries. I needed hamburgers. I needed ice cream. I needed comfort. Being overweight was making me depressed Then all that changed and I discovered a new truth. I changed what I was eating through the Spud Fit Challenge and all the weight started to drop off despite following no exercise plan whatsoever. Aside from the occasional set of random push ups I would do just to bust out some excess energy, I mostly spent my time laying around on the couch watching YouTube videos, reading books and eating Potatoes. All while I was losing weight. This was the easiest exercise plan I could hv imagined because all it involved was moving my teeth (to eat more potatoes, lol). In my experience, exercising all the time will hv no effect on weight loss if you’re eating bad. Likewise, if you’re eating well, then exercise is in no way needed for weight loss. This was my experience while on the Spud Fit Challenge. It was easy. It was simple. It was a no brainer. It’s all about what u eat, not how much u eat and not about how much u exercise What’s the point? Exercise is good for mood management and to keep the body healthy. But it will by no means keep u from gaining weight. Eating limited calories… well, that’s just dumb and makes u hungry. The real truth to living well… The real key to living the good life… is to Just Eat Potatoes 🥔 That will take care of your weight. That will take care of your cravings over time. That will help your mood when u exercise. It will also give u extra energy It’s a simple plan. It’s a memorable plan. Heck… it’s only 3 words long, lol Just Eat Potatoes 🥔 That’s the key. That’s the answer.

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