The addition of subtraction

The addition of subtraction


Life does not allow for voids to appear, remove something from your life and something else will take its place. 

Even in those with a healthy relationship with food, so much time, attention and headspace is devoted to thinking about, shopping for, preparing, eating and cleaning up after food. If you are struggling with food then the headspace used increases exponentially. 

We constantly search for more flavour, more crunch, more intensity, more entertainment and it all takes up more and more space in our lives and in our heads. Let’s pivot. Let’s start the search for flavours, textures, ingredients and feelings we can do without. Let’s free up some time, effort, energy and headspace for more important things.

Life does not allow for voids to appear. Remove something big from your life and something big will take its place. If your heart is in the right place then that something big will also be something better. 

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  • Peter Weise
    Posted at 06:41h, 18 July Reply

    s doctors have coceaded... that after twelve months of living right.
    That i must be on to something.
    However i am still struggling with xhronic insomnia.
    What can you suggest outside of tge herbal teas and relation and current meditation reigheme that might help.

    • admin
      Posted at 11:24h, 20 July Reply

      Two best things for insomnia in my opinion are good food and intense exercise. You've got the food right, maybe it's time to look at getting into some exercise?

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