The Mega Foods Plan

Eat simply.
Live fully.

They've made food way too complicated. It's not. The follow-on from the groundbreaking Spud Fit Challenge, The Mega Foods Plan is our game-changing program for long term, sustainable health and weight management. Eat simply. Eat abundantly. Make room for everything else life has to offer.

“It's pure joy to be able to eat 'as much as you want, whenever you want' of clean, lean healthy foods - and they taste amazing!”
Elly | Mega Foods Plan 2021




This course includes:

  • 26 daily videos
  • 30+ hours of bonus video content
  • Worksheets and quizzes
  • In-depth ‘Before Survey’
  • Printable Mega Foods journal
  • The 'Rules'
  • The 'Eat and Repeat' menu
  • Weekly live members-only Q&A
  • 24/7 community support

What's the true cost of dieting?

The Mega Foods Plan is:

  • Simple
  • Abundant
  • Delicious
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Easy
  • Nutritious
  • Sustainable
  • Cheap

We live in a world of food chaos. Cooking shows urge us to make every meal a major event. Weight loss shows make a spectacle of those of us who take this message to heart. A multi-billion dollar diet industry profiteers from our endless quick fix/blow out cycle.

Decades of marketing manipulation has led us to see this disordered relationship with food as normal. It's not.

The truth is that this 'diet mentality’ costs us a lot more than money. The conflict between what we’re being told and the feeling we have that 'surely it shouldn’t be this hard?' becomes an internal battle that costs us dearly in time, mental energy, creativity, self-esteem and an opportunity to experience the best life has to offer.

Freedom starts where dieting ends.

The Scoop

You didn’t save my life. You taught me how to save my own. I just can’t find the words to truly thank you for the life changing impact that you’ve had in my life.

Joe Hard

The Mega Foods Plan 2020

You didn’t save my life. You taught me how to save my own. I just can’t find the words to truly thank you for the life changing impact that you’ve had in my life.

Joe Hard

The Mega Foods Plan 2020

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

You don’t set yourself up for long term change by being told exactly what, when and how much to eat. Or by trying to eat 'mindfully' with a mind that's confused and overwhelmed, and a body that's conditioned to chaos. Or by being made to feel shame and guilt when you 'fail'.

When you eat simple foods, without restriction, you make space for your mind and body to heal, to respond and to reset your relationship with food. You make changes that are sustainable, for life. The Mega Foods Plan works because it's :


The Mega Foods Plan is about making the healthy choice the easy choice. No more counting, tracking, weighing, measuring or restricting your food. You don’t need a bunch of new gadgets, recipe books or cooking skills. And you certainly don’t need to spend hours on meal prep, let alone on deciding what to eat. The principles of Mega Foods will guide you to develop your own meal plan that just works. Without wasting a thought. Set and forget. Eat and repeat.


Portion control is the most depressing term in the entire health world. Restriction = hunger. Nobody has enough willpower to stay hungry forever, which is what typical diets expect of you. Learn the principles of calorie density that allow you to decrease your calories per mouthful without any real effort. This allows you to eat to your heart’s content. Its ok to eat when you’re tired, hungry, stressed, bored or any other emotion. You don’t have to figure out if you’re feeling the right type of hunger (whatever that means!) and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Simply choose the right foods and eat as much as you feel like, whenever you feel like it.


Mega Foods have been the bedrock of human nutrition throughout history. Civilisations have been built on the back of these staples, and indeed they’ve come crumbling down when access to these foods dried up. It’s hard to overestimate the far-reaching impact of our modern society’s move away from the steady reliability these foods provide. We don’t need complicated recipes, exotic ingredients and macronutrient tracking apps. When your foundation is solid, good nutrition just couldn’t be more straightforward. The Mega Foods Plan will take you back to your roots (pun intended!)


The Mega Foods Plan focuses on the hearty comfort foods we all grew up loving, until we were fed the lie that they make us fat. In our never ending quest for hyper-deliciousness, we’ve lost the taste for the most incredible flavours Mother Nature has to offer. The good news is that the lifespan of a tastebud is only two weeks, so your profound mental shift will be accompanied by an entirely new physical experience of flavour. Eat whatever you like, by changing what you like.


Diets fail you because they require huge amounts of extra time, planning, skills, organisation and, most of all, willpower. If your plan doesn’t fit in with your life and doesn’t allow you to be yourself, then it’s only a matter of time until it becomes all too hard. The Mega Foods Plan is sustainable in the long term because we focus on making the healthy choice the easy choice.


No fancy superfoods scraped from the antlers of Himalayan mountain yaks. No power-super-hyper tonics, powders and elixirs. Mega Foods are the cheapest, most widely available foods on the planet. Watch your grocery bill plummet. And don’t get me started on your medical and prescription bills. Eat like a pauper, live like a king. Now you can afford that diamond-encrusted toilet seat you’ve had your eye on!

Does your weight loss plan really understand YOU?

Understanding nutrition is important. Understanding PEOPLE is essential.

We have developed these resources to remove environmental and psychological barriers to action. So that it becomes simple, easy and fun to take those all-important first steps and start building momentum.

  1. 30 Days of Potatoes

    Abundant, whole, real foods

    Mega Foods are the real drivers of good health all over the world. Including grains, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit and veggies, they promote weight loss, calm digestion, quiet cravings, boost energy, improve sleep quality and elevate mood. And you can eat as much of them as you want, as often as you want, for any reason!

  2. 40+ hours of Video Training

    Eat how I eat now

    Let me walk you through how I manage my weight and health since I finished my year of potatoes. Get explicit instruction on the what, why and how of making it work, whether you're starting fresh with Mega Foods or transitioning from the Spud Fit Challenge.

  3. Tools & Resources

    'Taylor' my experience to you!

    Identify your individual triggers. Plan and prepare for every situation. Consolidate everything you discover through thought experiments, worksheets, quizzes and journaling. Carefully created to encourage clarity, reflection, focus and accountability.

  4. 24/7 Community Support

    Group hugs!

    Lean on, learn from, inspire and be inspired by the people who most understand where you’re coming from - others who are undergoing a transformation alongside you. Across the globe. Around the clock.

  5. Twice-weekly Live Q&A’s

    Live from Spud HQ (aka the couch!)

    Join me weekly on a members-only Zoom. Ask questions. Share thoughts and experiences. Celebrate and support each other. At two different days/times to support different international timezones.

  6. Money Back Guarantee

    Comfort food, comfort guarantee!

    Following the same principles as the Spud Fit Challenge, The Mega Foods Plan is perfect for you whether you're coming from that or starting fresh here. But if you follow our protocol for 30 days and don't experience a profound shift in your relationship with food, you're covered by our no-questions-asked 'Baked in Success' money-back guarantee.




This course includes:

  • 26 daily videos
  • 30+ hours of bonus video content
  • Worksheets and quizzes
  • In-depth ‘Before Survey’
  • Printable Mega Foods journal
  • The 'Rules'
  • The 'Eat and Repeat' menu
  • Weekly live members-only Q&A
  • 24/7 community support

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The only weight loss plan that lightens the mental load

Between the rules, the cravings, the hunger and the worry about whether you're getting it right, getting what you need, and whether you're going to be able to keep the weight off once you finish, most weight loss plans only add to your mental load. With the Mega Foods Plan, you get:


Empowering you is different to telling you. Understand the WHY behind all the key principles and strategies we use at
Spud Fit, so that you can proceed with confidence.


Our health reflects the accumulation of the choices we make. The Mega Foods Plan teaches you how to work with your instincts to consistently make the healthy choice the easy choice.


When the constant noise in your head wondering what to eat, how much to eat, and how long you have to wait until you can eat again is quieted, all that's left is calm.