The right type of hunger?

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | May 9, 2022

I have conversations all the time in coaching sessions with people who are so confused by their own hunger that they think a bunch of extra rules is the only way forward. They’re sure that something inside them is broken. That their ‘hungry’ and ‘full’ signals no longer work, or at least that they don’t understand them.
You’ve no doubt seen articles about ‘the 12 types of hunger’ or ‘the 64 different kinds of cravings’. All these complicated, overthought ideas around what, when, why, how much and how often to eat are actually very helpful because once you’ve taken the time and effort to figure them all out, you’re eating window has slammed shut and you have to stay hungry until tomorrow anyway. That’s a sure way to lose weight! Don’t get me started on eating windows *eye roll*.
My guess is that if you’re overweight, it didn’t happen because you were ‘the wrong type of hungry’ when you chose to eat too many carrots. The problem is very simple – you’re not very good at choosing the right foods. Simple problems most often have simple solutions. In this case you just need to get better at choosing the right foods, and everything else will fall into place.
Forget about what time of day it is or what type of hunger you’re feeling. Block out all the noise around cravings – because that’s all it is, noise – and narrow your focus down to the simplest of the simple: just choose the right foods. When you choose the right foods, it doesn’t matter when or why you eat them.
Like everything in life, we get better when we practice. Therefore, if you put 100% of your focus into getting better at choosing the right foods then you’ll get better at it! Every time you feel like eating, don’t waste your energy on deciding if it’s the right time or the right reason, see it as a great opportunity to practice choosing the right food. Practice makes perfect!
If the worst thing in your diet is that sometimes you get stressed and eat a big fruit salad or a bowl of rice and beans, then you’re going to be ok ­čÖé
Eat simply, live fully,


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