This is why you’re confused.

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | April 28, 2021

Nestle is playing both sides of the ball. They put massive resources into selling as much chocolate, sugary drinks and other junk foods as they can. As we get sicker, they keep the cash flowing by selling medications and supplements. And then, when we’ve finally had enough, they’re ready for us with weight loss shakes and pills. They own hundreds of food, pharmaceutical and diet-related brands, none of which sell fresh fruit and vegetables. Kraft, Unilever, Tyson and several other massive corporations represent more of the same.

Food, drugs and “health foods” are not their products. Confusion and addiction are. They fund dodgy science, they fund government health recommendations, they fund health-related charities. They even fund the bodies and organisations responsible for overseeing the education of health professionals! They don’t need us to believe they are doing what’s best for us, they just need us to believe that it’s hard and that it’s complicated. They need us to think we’re unhealthy because we’re weak, lacking in willpower, or just plain hopeless. They need us to see their plethora of options and competing opinions and be unable to decide what to do next. Because confused people stay stuck in their loop.

They know that if you truly understood just how simple it is, you’d get off the merry go round.

The biggest challenge I have in helping people to regain their health, is not in getting them to understand that potatoes (and other whole plant foods) are healthy. It’s in helping them to let go of the decades of programming put in place by these powerful vested interests. The programming that tells you that you need eat less, move more. That you need to count, weigh, track, measure and generally obsess over every mouthful. In short, it’s not them that is broken, it’s us and they’re here to help.

Mega Foods May is fast approaching and Mandy is keen to make it even bigger and better than it was last year! She’ll be doing daily videos on YouTube to show you how she’s eating and how she’s thinking. She’s asked me to coach her – on video – through the month, and she’s even promised to try not to swear about it (on camera at least)!

Join us for the second edition of Mandy’s Mega Foods May and let go of the confusion. You can absolutely do this alone. But if you purchase the course you’ll get:

  • 30 days of video lessons to hold your hand and walk you through the nutrition science, the psychology and the logistics. Every step of the way
  • Worksheets, quizzes and other tools and resources to enhance and consolidate your learning
  • Access to the members’-only Zoom coaching sessions. This is the next-best thing to individual coaching. You can lurk anonymously or you can pepper me with questions twice a week. Up to you!
  • The 24/7 support of our wonderful community
  • Lifetime access to all of this for $97 (that’s Australian dollars – so only $75USD)
  • Our 7-day, no questions asked, ‘Baked in Success’ money-back guarantee!

In 30 days you’ll not only understand how simple and easy it is to eat healthily, you’ll also have the tools you need to actually do it and make it stick in the long term.

Eat simply.

Live fully.


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