What is the point of flavour?

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | May 19, 2021

During a private coaching session this week, Marie (not her real name) told me about how she was struggling with the idea of “make your food boring and your life interesting”. She was missing certain flavours and having trouble with letting them go. I wanted to share the conversation with you, it went something like this:

Me: ok so your food is boring, what are you doing to make your life interesting?

Marie: Well I’ve been getting back into the gym, I’ve been reading a self help book, I’ve been working on a new business idea with a friend and I’ve been working on organising my office better. 

Me: do you really enjoy doing these things or are you just doing them because you should?

Marie: They’re all important things and I’ve been putting them off so it’s good that I’m working on them.

Me: Yes I agree, it’s great to be taking positive steps in all areas of your life. That’s not the question though. Do you enjoy doing these things, do you look forward to them or are they a bit of a chore?

Marie: Well yeah, they’re a chore. I’m glad I’m doing them but they are a chore.

Me: Why do you think flavour exists?

Marie: To make food enjoyable, so we want to eat more.

Me: Exactly. Our tastebuds evolved so that the best foods for our health and survival would be the most delicious and exciting and that would attract us and make us want to eat more of those foods. 

Marie: yes that makes sense.

Me: so now you’ve removed a lot of flavour from your life and you’re attempting to replace it with stuff that’s really not that enjoyable to you.

Marie: yes but it’s really important. My life will be better if I get these things done!

Me: I agree, you should work on that stuff and it will definitely improve your life! But not every moment in life has to be a “productive” one, sometimes it’s just about adding flavour for the sake of it. Flavour doesn’t exist for your self improvement, it’s just there to be enjoyed! It’s really important that sometimes we do things just because we enjoy them. Do things just because you like doing them. Do things that are not a chore, things that you really look forward to! 

We went on to talk about things that Marie used to enjoy doing. Things that she hadn’t done for years, hobbies she’d neglected. We made a plan to try one of these things in the coming week and see how it made her feel. 

What are you doing to make your food boring and your life interesting? How can you add more flavour to your life?

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