Make your thoughts boring?

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | June 17, 2019

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years talking about the idea of focusing on enjoying life, rather than just food. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’d know that “make your food boring and your life interesting” is something I’ve said a lot.

A reply to a recent post about the negatives of positive thinking has helped me to realise that lately I’m starting to think about thought itself in a similar way. One of the benefits I’m experiencing from becoming a coach is that I’m constantly thinking about my message from new angles and perspectives, trying to help new people understand themselves better. Being challenged to think in new ways all the time has been a beautiful thing and it has helped me to evolve my ideas on what it is to be happy and successful and how to achieve these things.

I’ve spent many years as a teacher helping ‘at risk youth’ to understand and change their destructive behaviour patterns. Now I’m finding so much of that experience transfers perfectly into my food addiction coaching. Developing clarity and flexibility of mind and then transferring that into positive action is everything.

Lately I’ve talked about all sorts of ways to simplify our thought patterns through learning to see reality for what it is, free of emotion and attachments of all kinds. If we can learn to properly see and accept the objective reality of our situation then we can really take appropriate action. In my coaching, the purpose of this exercise is to help my clients to overcome emotional eating issues and start consistently making choices based on what’s right rather than what’s fun.

I’m now starting to see that we can treat our thoughts in exactly the same way. It’s fun to think about what we’d do if we won the lottery or what our favourite super power would be. It’s nice to think about what life would be like if I just lost all this weight or how great it would be to go on a nice holiday. One of my favourites is what I would change if I was the president of the world. The point is that we get lost in thought so often. Probably most of us spend most of the day either thinking about the past or the future, contemplating all sorts of possibilities about what might’ve been or what could be.

It’s great to think about big ideas and hypotheticals but if they don’t lead to action then they hinder progress. No doubt it can be fun and interesting to think about certain possibilities and hypotheticals but in the end it’s all a distraction from the most important thoughts of all – what is happening right now? How can I make this moment the best possible? What is the next right action to take? So it seems that my idea to make your food boring and your life interesting is evolving. It seems natural that making our thoughts “boring” will inevitably lead to a more productive, more positive life, filled with more contentment and more happiness.

Dream big, set goals, make plans, these are very exciting and important steps to take. The next step is far less exciting and far more important – take action. Once that’s done you can celebrate and enjoy the results.

Make your thoughts boring!


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