The Key to Simple Eating (4 of 4)

Andrew Taylor - Spud Fit | March 1, 2019

For context, please read PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE before this one.

We want to try that great new restaurant or cafe that everyone’s raving about. We must have the new recipe book or the new kitchen gadget. We can’t wait to try that amazing new burger or the incredible cake that’s just been added to the menu. We simply must learn this new style of cooking and we can’t wait to wow our friends with this new meal that’s to die for. There is no shortage of new and amazing places to go, recipes to try, chefs to worship and eating experiences to have. Try as we might, we can never keep up.

Our first job is so exciting because it gives us money to buy a new bike, what a day! Pretty soon the novelty wears off and we get our first car and we couldn’t imagine a happier time. It’s not long until we want a better car. Then we want a Porsche and if we are lucky enough to get one then it won’t be long until we want to upgrade to a Ferrari. After that we want a private jet, then we want a super yacht. The cycle of wanting is endless.

The truth is we can never get everything we want because no matter what we get, we always end up wanting more. No matter how many amazing, incredible feeds we have, we never stop searching for the next one. We tell ourselves that if I can just get this flat screen TV then I’ll be happy. If I can just have this one slice of cake then everything will be fine.

But it never is. IT. NEVER. IS.

The only way to get everything we want is to remove the want. If we don’t want anything then the endless, pointless search is over and we can get on we enjoying the things we have!

In my opinion this is the key to eating simply and healthfully. If we can get comfortable with simplicity and let go of the want for a foodgasm in every bite, then we can start appreciating and enjoying what we have. We can start redirecting our time and energy toward the things that matter, the things that make life truly great.


Spud up!


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